Custom Loan Source

Custom Loan Source℠ is a loan program offered by your institution but supported and managed completely by Education Loan Source – from software infrastructure to application acceptance, credit decisioning, disbursement, and loan portfolio servicing. Our financial modeling services are available to maximize your program design and returns based on your needs and demographics. Loans are originated by a third party lender and then purchased by your institution.

Our implementation team can set the program up in 90 days or less with no modifications to our standard loan program terms. We are dedicated to a smooth transition and support of Custom Loan Source with a portfolio of reports, an extensive administrative system, and quality customer care for both your school and students.

Our standard loan products are also designed to allow selling into the secondary market, if desired, when market conditions indicate financial returns are acceptable. For more information, visit or send an email to


TuitionFlex℠ is a payment program designed to help students and families manage tuition costs not covered by traditional student loans and other financial aid resources. We can customize a TuitionFlex payment program to meet your school’s specific needs. TuitionFlex offers a 100% online application process, e-signature capabilities, and a school portal for school administrators to manage certifications and application status. Set-up is quick and easy as our implementation team can have your program up and running in as little as 10 business days after term acceptance.

For more information, visit or send an email to

Loan Portfolio Management

NLA’s management team has extensive experience in student loan portfolio management and has administered portfolios as large as $11 billion in the past. This has included portfolios held at multiple servicing locations and financed through balance sheet deposits, warehouse lines, and public and private securitizations. We provide services related to 1) origination, disbursement, and servicing oversight and reconciliation; 2) monthly, quarterly and annual accounting processes related to the portfolio; and 3) internal and external management reporting, including securitization reporting requirements.

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Consulting Services

The NLA executive team is highly experienced – an average tenure of 20 years in various facets of higher education. NLA professionals can provide current and relevant information and strategic solutions to ensure long-term success in the following areas:

  • General Consulting
  • Program Assessment/Enhancement
  • Training
  • Loan Processing

Secondary Market Purchasing

Connecting buyers and sellers of loan portfolios has never been faster, easier or more secure. NLA can assist you by leveraging the communication, cost, and time efficiencies afforded by the internet to sell and reach a broader range of institutions than previously practical. For the first time, the $7+ trillion whole loan market has a dedicated platform focused on enhancing transparency, buyer-seller communication and transaction control, ultimately resulting in pricing efficiency and liquidity this market has lacked. Catering to both big and small portfolio buyers and sellers, call to see how we can assist your institution with its current portfolio.